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INTENDED USE: The Sonomark(R) marking device is an accessory to linear ultrasound transducers with frequencies ranging from 4 to 15MHz. The Sonomark device is used to mark the skin (by indentation) directly over anatomical features during diagnostic ultrasound procedures. NOTE: the Sonomark device is latex free, non-sterile and intended for single use only.

  • Ensure that the sides of the ultrasound transducer are clean and dry so that the Sonomark device will adhere correctly.
  • Remove the latex-free Sonomark device from the plastic pouch. The Sonomark device has two parts; a clear plastic marking leaf which contains the marking element, and a stationary leaf with an adhesive pad. The two parts come pre-assembled.
  • Hold the transducer as you would during an exam. The Sonomark device will be attached to the upper side of the transducer.
  • Unfold the Sonomark device but do not remove the backing from the adhesive pad yet. Align the Sonomark device so the marking leaf sits flat on the face of the transducer, centered from side to side, and the adhesive pad is flat against the side of the transducer.
  • While holding the marking leaf flat on the face of the transducer, remove the paper backing from the adhesive pad and press it down against the side of the transducer.
  • Liberally apply ultrasound gel to the inside of the marking element and across the marking leaf of the Sonomark device.
  • Rotate the marking leaf away from the face of the transducer. Initiate the ultrasound exam following your regular protocol.
  • To mark an anatomical feature, rotate the marking leaf over the face of the transducer. Center the feature between the two reference lines created by the Sonomark device. Gently press down with the transducer to create a mark directly over the feature. To optimize the image, you may need to add more gel, adjust the B-mode gain and adjust the focal zone to the near field.
  • Once the procedure is complete, clean the ultrasound gel from the patient's skin and use a skin marking pen to reinforce or connect the marks. NOTE: To record the orientation of the transducer, trace over both sides of the parentheses shaped mark.
  • Remove the Sonomark marking device from the side of the transducer and discard.
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