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How long do the Sonomark marks last?
On average, the marks last between 8 – 10 minutes, depending upon the patient’s body habitus.

How can I optimize the reference lines on the ultrasound image?
You may need to make the following adjustments:
  • Add more ultrasound gel
  • Adjust the focal zone to the near field
  • Increase the B-mode gain
  • Turn Off Sono CT
  • Suspend or disable the "auto enhancement" feature

I don’t see the reference lines on the screen.
You may have to adjust your ultrasound machine settings.  Otherwise, the Sonomark may have been applied incorrectly with the marking element off center (on the short axis of the transducer).

Does Sonomark alter the ultrasound signal?
The device attenuates the signal slightly (5-8 dB) and also creates reference lines on the image - an important benefit for sonographers.

Does Sonomark work on all transducers?
The Sonomark device was designed to work with virtually all 4-15MHZ linear transducers. As manufacturers update transducers, we will update the Sonomark device.

Can Sonomark be used for applications besides vein mapping?
Absolutely, Sonomark is perfect for marking the skin in any application using a 4-15MHZ linear transducer.

Is the shape of Sonomark’s mark important?
Yes, the unique shape of the mark allows you to re-orient the transducer quickly, in the exact same position, to confirm or repeat a scan.

Should I put an X instead of a dot over the mark?
Sonomark allows you to precisely mark the skin directly over the vein or target anatomy. Reinforcing this indentation with an X maintains this precision.

Who invented the Sonomark device?
Sonomark was designed and patented by Becky Swanbom, a Registered Vascular Technologist practicing in Colorado.  Sonomark is the kind of common sense solution that could only come from a fellow technologist.

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